The Five Process Groups And Activities Every Project Manager Needs To Know

Project Management Professional

Do You Know The 5 Steps In Successfully Managing A Project?

Whether you are preparing to apply for your Project Management Professional certification or just looking into the PMP credential, it’s essential that as a project manager you have a good grasp of project management methodologies and process groups. The methodologies are a set way of approaching a project, while the process groups are the steps taken to carry out the chosen methodology. Here’s an overview of the five process groups or activities every PMP must use.


These five groups carry a project through its duration and are all covered on the PMP certification exam. The first group is initiating a project with set goals. The second is planning the project so that it can achieve those goals while staying within a prescribed time frame and price range. The planning stage is worth almost a quarter of the points on the PMP exam. The third process group is executing the project; this process group is weighted heavily on the exam, accounting for 30 percent of the final score. Executing involves actually carrying out the project to produce an end product. The fourth group is monitoring and controlling processes, which is essentially a review to make sure that the project management methodologies have been successful, the project is on track, and any variations from the original planning stage are either acceptable or are going to be corrected. This activity ensures that progress is in the right direction and that the end goal is still in sight. It is worth exactly a quarter of the points on the exam. The final group is closing the project, which involves tying up lose ends and verifying with the client or other party that everything is acceptable.

These five process groups or actions are essential for any PMP to know, both in practice during the execution of projects and in theory for the PMP certification exam. Along with the prescribed project management methodologies, these process groups provide a framework for successfully managing and completing a project.  


The Best Exam Prep For The PMP Certification Test

The Team Behind The Best PMP Exam Prep

The Team Behind The Best PMP Exam Prep

If you want to be a project manager, taking the PMP exam is one of the best things you can do to prepare for a career. There are several different ways you can prepare for the PMP exam, but the best PMP exam prep is to take the Best Practices Training course.

There are many options for taking exam prep, whether you are a first-time test taker, or someone who has taken the exam in the past and either waited too long after a prep course to take the test or was not successful in the first attempt. Best Practices has one-day intensive review sessions available if you already have a good base of knowledge, plus more comprehensive ways to get a better PMP exam prep for first-time testers.

When you sign up for their PMP exam prep course, check to find out what materials are available and the types of exercises and practice exams that will be offered. The longer test prep sessions may include a several-day “bootcamp” format, weekend classes, weekday sessions, or even online virtual review sessions for someone who may not be able to make it in person to the test prep. The best PMP exam prep will fit your schedule and get you the information you need to be successful which is just what Best Practices offers.

In addition to finding the best schedule that works for you, you should also consider pricing as a very important decision factor, since you don’t want to spend a lot of money on something that won’t get you the results you deserve. However, don’t substitute really low price for good quality—make sure the program has a good track record, such as Best Practices, for preparing students for the PMP exam. You can find out if their test prep program has small class sizes so you can get one-on-one attention and more individual help to ensure you understand the materials. Finally, you can be sure their test prep course has good facilities that support learning and help you get the most out of training, with few distractions and low noise levels, comfortable temperatures, and amenities.

The Best Practices – PMP Training based in Washington D.C. is “THE BEST” PMP exam prep available. It is affordable and effective, giving you the training you need to pass the test.

Creating A Roadmap For Your Next Project

Will You Know The Right Direction A Project Needs to Take?

Will You Know The Right Direction A Project Needs to Take?

Information technology, or IT for short, is one of the fastest growing career fields. Within the field there are several different career paths you can choose, but one of the hottest is a project management professional. If you are planning a career in this field, a great place to start is by learning different project management methodologies so you can effectively lead your team to success.

The term “methodology” refers to processes and procedures that are followed when working on a specific type of IT project. They help you outline what actions to take and when so that the project can be successfully completed within the time frame and budget that you have. They help keep managers organized, and provide framework for similar future projects as well.

The best project management methodologies will include several components, beginning with core processes that you follow, templates that help you and your team stay on track for each deliverable within the project, case studies that help you identify best practices and pitfalls to avoid, and flexibility to include your own existing effective processes.

Having project management methodologies in place is one of the best ways to keep your entire team on the same page when it comes to the specific deliverables for the project, a timeline for completing each deliverable, how the client or company wants it done, and when it’s due (the deadlines).

However, while they can be very effective tools for managing teams, this type of methodology is not going to guarantee success. As a project manager, you still have the responsibility to manage the entire process by getting the correct inputs into the project management system, and customize it appropriately to fit your unique specifications, your specific situation, and the needs of the client.

Your project management outline is the “roadmap” to where you want to go. It can have significant advantages in helping you manage and monitor timelines, employees, budgets, and deliverables, while helping to control and minimize potential risks or delays. No matter what size project you have, there are project management tools that can help you coordinate and deliver exactly what your company or clients need.

How To Find A PMP Training Program In Washington DC


There are a number of quality things that you should look for when you are trying to find the best Washington DC PMP training program. Here are some of the best practices of PMP training that you would do well to look for and ask about when you are trying to find a PMP training that will work for you.

Ask About Credentials And Testimonials

First, try to find a PMP training program that is accredited. You can ask different program representatives when you call them on the phone. Make sure and ask what other credentials they have that make them stand out above any other available programs you are considering. Also be sure to read the testimonials of students they have had, if they actually do have testimonials. If they don’t, it is a good indication their services are probably something to be desired. There may be many other certifications the company holds that would prove valuable to your education, but you may have to ask.

Think About What You Are Paying For

Second, when you are trying to find a PMP training program in Washington DC, think twice about cost. There are many free and low cost options out there, but remember that when it comes to your PMP training, you may get what you pay for. The lowest cost option may not actually be the best value. For each program that you look into, one of the primary things you should do is make sure that they provide a valuable education and training course for the money.

Instructor-Student Interaction

Finally, ask each program representative whether the instructor for your class has already been assigned and whether you would be able to contact him or her ahead of time. While many courses wait until them minimum required enrollment has been fulfilled prior to assigning an instructor, others do this in advance, and will have an instructor lined up to avoid last minute scrambling to find someone. If there is an instructor assigned, ask whether you can contact him or her. This will help you by providing you a link to your instructor and forming a relationship right from the start. When trying to find a PMP training program in Washington DC, consider Best Practices PMP Training Washington DC. Visit their website at, they have every quality attribute that I mentioned. I highly recommend them for their services.